Course Highlights: History

Summer students!  If you are interested in delving into history this summer, the History Department has seats still available in the following courses…but going fast.  Be sure to register soon if you are interested!

HIST-UA 175 Islam, Race, and Revolution
This course traces the history of the critical intersection between race, religion and revolutions among Muslims from the turn of the nineteenth century to the present day.  Emphasizing Islam as a global religious tradition, this course will examine how people of color have united under Islam to challenge existing power structures and transform their social, cultural, and political realities.

HIST-UA 551 Islam in China from the Time of Prophet Muhammad to the Present
This summer course will familiarize students with one Islamic diaspora in China which exists outside of the Islamic heartlands, that is, beyond what is referred to in Islamic tradition as the “House/Realm of Islam.” By surveying the ways in which Muslims in China have negotiated with changing local Chinese context through history, students will consider how these two traditions come to terms with each other and how history can be used as a lens to understand the complexities of such Muslim minorities.

HIST-UA 629 Animals & Empires: Humans, Animals, and Political Power in Global History
When thinking about history, do animals matter? In this course we will answer that question by exploring the complex relationship between people and animals in world history, asking how animals made empires and empires made animals. Around the world people lived among animals, and students will examine how relationships between humans and animals were transformed by colonial encounters in the Americas, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the South Pacific. And yes, there will be cat pictures.


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