Where are classes?

So you’re registered for classes and ready to go. Excellent! Now, where is your class taking place?

The first thing to do is to log into your NYUHome account, and pull up your class schedule via the Student Services Center in Albert. Your schedule will tell you where your classes are being held. Easy, except that it says something along the lines of “269M 206” which isn’t very clear.

First, you’ll need to look up the building code (the “269M” mentioned above) to find out which building your class is in. Then, find your building on the NYU campus map. You can use the interactive map or download a PDF map with a key.

Going back to the example from above, “269M 206″ means this class will meet at 269 Mercer Street, Room 206.  Eureka!  You now know where to be for your first day of class.

Note that students taking classes at the School of Engineering can find directions to our Brooklyn campus online here!

For those of you always on the go (who isn’t these days, right?) you can download the NYU Mobile App, where you can access a campus map, and so much more!


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