Academic Resources

 Academic Resource Center (ARC)

18 Washington Place

The Academic Resource Center is your one-stop shop for all academic questions such as course selection and registration; adding or dropping a course; and tutoring/academic support.  There are also computer stations and lounge space available for student use.

University Learning Center (ULC)
Academic Resource Center, 18 Washington Place (Specializing in Science)

The University Learning Center provides free tutoring for math and science courses during the summer.  Group study space and study and research skills information is also available.

The Writing Center
411 Lafayette Street, 4th Floor

The Writing Center provides writing support and guidance for any student enrolled at NYU.  To schedule an appointment to meet with a Writing Center Consultant, please contact the Center.

The Moses Center for Students with Disabilities
726 Broadway, 2nd Floor

The Moses Center determines qualified disability status and assists students in obtaining appropriate accommodation and services. A variety of accommodations are available including in-class support, alternative exams, and special housing arrangements.  If you feel you need services such as these or any other assistance, please contact the Moses Center about a month in advance to the start of class to allow that office time to assess need and arrange for services.