Choosing Your Classes


As a Summer in NYC student, you have the opportunity to take almost any course available on the course search! However there are some important things to note and consider when planning your summer schedule.

First, please note that visiting students are typically only permitted to enroll in Undergraduate-level courses. Undergraduate courses are indicated by a “U” in the course abbreviation suffix (ex: PSYCH-UA), while graduate courses are marked by a “G” (ex: PSYCH-GA).

Second, you should always “Click here to learn more” when reading a course description. This section will provide you with information about the course meeting time, when during the summer it takes place, and who will be teaching it. Any pre-requisites or restrictions will be listed under the “Notes:” section. In the example below, note that this four-credit class will take place during the first half of the summer from 5/23-7/03. It will meet three days a week, and the required pre-requisite is PSYCH-UA 1, Introduction to Psychology. If you wish to register for a course that has a pre-requisite requirement, be sure to submit an enrollment request form.


Finally, if you are taking a course as an elective or just for fun, be sure to consider the many unique offerings of NYU. The Open Arts Curriculum courses at Tisch (OART-UT), Interdisciplinary Seminars at Gallatin (IDSEM-UG), and Media, Culture and Communication courses at Steinhardt (MCC-UE) are just a few of the popular departments we have! As always, you may email us at

How to Register for Classes


Registering for classes can be a daunting task, but have no fear, we’re here to help! Online registration via Albert began on February 16th, and will be available through the start of summer classes, after which point you must meet with your Academic Advisor (us) or visit the Academic Resource Center at 18 Washington Place. To register yourself, it’s important that you first complete all items on our initial “to-do” list (see previous post). Once you have thoroughly explored the course search, and have written down the five-digit class number of the class(es) you wish to take this summer, you are ready to enroll.

To enroll in courses, first sign in to NYUHome. Once logged in, click on the “Academics” tab. From there, continue to your Student Center. In the top left hand corner, click on “Enrollment.” Select the Summer 2016 term and click continue. Then, enter the five-digit class number you wish to take. Click next and it should be entered into your shopping cart.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 2.48.34 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-12 at 2.50.41 PM If at this point you receive an error message with either of these icons, please submit an enrollment request form. The course likely has pre-requisites which require approval. Or, if there is a separate issue, the University Programs team will be able to troubleshoot it once we receive your request. Enrollment request forms may take up to 7 business days to process. Please note: You must be logged in to your NYUHome account to be able to access the enrollment request form.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 2.52.08 PMIf you’re in the clear and have a green check mark, be sure to click on “Proceed to step 2 of 3.” Confirm that all course information is correct, and complete step 3 of 3! After following these steps, it’s a good idea to return to your Student Center in Albert and make sure you are enrolled by viewing your schedule.

Still seem confusing? Check out the Registrar’s Guide to Albert, review our Advising and Registration page, or email with detailed questions.