Thank You!

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We at University Programs would like to thank all Summer in NYC students for reading this blog, and wish you the best of luck with the remainder of your summer!

Don’t forget that the University Programs team is here for you! Feel free to email with any questions you may have as a visiting student alum.

All the best to you!


Navigating NYU and NYC

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Today’s topic is your arrival to New York City. The city can be an intimidating and confusing place for those coming from out of town. However with our tips and tricks you should have no problem navigating the grid once you arrive!

NYU is primarily located around Washington Square Park in the Greenwich Village neighborhood in downtown Manhattan. The campus is easily accessible via New York City public transportation. Directions on how to get to NYU are on the NYU visitor’s website. Please know that there is no NYU transportation service to bring you to campus from the local airports or bus/train terminals.  All students are responsible for transportation to campus.

There are many ways to get from the airport to NYU, including buses, shuttles, and trains. The easiest way to get to campus is to use a taxi or car service. If you use a taxi, be sure to get one from the official taxi stand at the airport. DO NOT accept a ride from an unauthorized taxi driver.

Also, if you are flying, it is a good idea to register your trip with NYU Traveler, the University’s web-based travel safety service.

Once you arrive, familiarize yourself with campus with our interactive and downloadable campus map or by downloading the NYU Mobile App, which features a campus map among other useful features!

Information about navigating the city’s streets and using public transportation can be found on the Getting Around Page and Summer in NYC Student Handbook.

It’s a good idea to plan your route to class ahead of time. Resources like the Student Resource Center exist to help you in this process, or, if you’re ever lost, don’t hesitate to call NYU Public Safety.  Check back soon for a final to-do list and tips about what to pack!

Choosing Your Classes


As a Summer in NYC student, you have the opportunity to take almost any course available on the course search! However there are some important things to note and consider when planning your summer schedule.

First, please note that visiting students are typically only permitted to enroll in Undergraduate-level courses. Undergraduate courses are indicated by a “U” in the course abbreviation suffix (ex: PSYCH-UA), while graduate courses are marked by a “G” (ex: PSYCH-GA).

Second, you should always “Click here to learn more” when reading a course description. This section will provide you with information about the course meeting time, when during the summer it takes place, and who will be teaching it. Any pre-requisites or restrictions will be listed under the “Notes:” section. In the example below, note that this four-credit class will take place during the first half of the summer from 5/23-7/03. It will meet three days a week, and the required pre-requisite is PSYCH-UA 1, Introduction to Psychology. If you wish to register for a course that has a pre-requisite requirement, be sure to submit an enrollment request form.


Finally, if you are taking a course as an elective or just for fun, be sure to consider the many unique offerings of NYU. The Open Arts Curriculum courses at Tisch (OART-UT), Interdisciplinary Seminars at Gallatin (IDSEM-UG), and Media, Culture and Communication courses at Steinhardt (MCC-UE) are just a few of the popular departments we have! As always, you may email us at

First Steps for Admitted Students

student writing parkCongratulations on your acceptance! Now that you’ve been admitted to Summer in NYC, it’s time to make your student status official. Below is a “to-do” list of necessary steps. Please see our Critical Instructions page on the visiting student website for additional information.

1. Activate your NetID: Your NetID is your log-in and username information for all NYU e-services and resources. Go to and follow the instructions.

2. Log-In to NYUHome and Albert: NYUHome is the central hub for online communication. Log-in using your NetID and newly created password. Once you’re in, visit the “Academics” tab and explore the Student Center (aka Albert) where your schedule, classroom location, and grades will be displayed.

3. Accept/Decline your Admissions Offer: If you haven’t done so yet, log in to Albert, select “Applicants” and then “Application Status” to Accept or Decline your admissions offer.

4. Activate your NYU Email: 24 hours after accepting your admissions offer, log back in to NYUHome. On the main page, click the “E-mail” link. This should take you to your new NYU email account. If you are having difficulty with this, please see the troubleshooting steps on our Critical Instructions page. It is NYU policy that all communications take place over NYU email, so check your email often–you won’t want to miss any important messages!

5. Choose your classes: Detailed instructions on how to register will be featured soon! In the meantime, we suggest you explore the course search in Albert (go to Student Center, top left corner, click on “Search”). Registration will begin on Tuesday, February 16.

If you have any questions or difficulty completing this initial “to-do” list, please feel free to email Check back next week for a post on how to register.